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Game Dev Unchained is powered by the awesome and talented Larry Charles and Brandon Pham. Every Tuesday, these industry veterans interview, give commentary, and provide insight into the world of game development. Larry and Brandon pull the curtain back, revealing an exciting, yet personal view behind the games you play and love.


Meet the hosts!


Larry Charles: Lead Game Designer


Larry Charles Jr is a Lead Designer with over a decade of experience. Working on AAA blockbuster franchises such as Call of Duty, Armored Warfare, and Lost Planet 3. He has served as a teacher and a game developer his entire life, but have only been getting paid for it the last 10 years.


Brandon Pham: Lead Environment Artist


Brandon Pham is a Lead Environment Artist that has spent a decade in the industry working on various AAA franchises such as Bioshock 2, XCOM, Lost Planet 3, and Call of Duty. His hope is to change the industry for the better and provide a safe haven for developers that can work on whatever games they want, wherever they want.