About Us


Nerd Colony is a site that was originally dedicated to helping college students find their next step while using the website as a platform to practice their skills in the real world. With these people, we are committed to expanding and redefining the nerd universe.



Jay “Mouse” Vales is a veteran of the game and anime industry as well as an accomplished journalist. He is a graduate of Game Art and Design from The Art Institute of California – Orange County and has his Masters in Communication and Media Tech from Academy of Art University. He has worked on a plethora of games, including World of Wacraft, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 among others. He has also designed and published his own card game through Victory Point Games called Conquest at Kismet. In addition, he has been a columnist for the national anime magazine NewType USA, which ran from 2002-2008 and has written for many online publications like Nuke The Fridge and Nerd Report.









Mikal DeBerry has been an active part of the American Anime scene for over 20 years. He has managed conventions, provided unique convention programming that has endured to this day, and owns Evil Orchid Studios, an independent video game studio. Mikal provides the business muscle of the group.