AVENGERS ENDGAME: The Not So Popular Review (Spoilers Ahead)

AVENGERS ENDGAME: The Not So Popular Review (Spoilers Ahead)

May 3, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

Avengers: Endgame has hit theaters and it’s been a little over a week since it premiered, breaking box office records keeping theaters busy. Wrapping up 22 movies in what people expect to be an ending we won’t forget. 11 years of MCU magic bringing the stories together for one big epic fight. It has been hyped since the end of Infinity War and has probably been the most anticipated movie for the entire year leading up to the release date. Fans avoiding spoilers as much as possible, others revealing spoilers because you know, they can. The problem with movies like these, it does get clouded by this hype and fans will ignore flaws in it just to make it seem like the greatest movie released. Just it really wasn’t. There will be some spoilers so if you have not seen the movie, I advise you to not continue.

Don’t get me wrong the Endgame wasn’t bad by any means, but it also wasn’t great by any means either. Sure, it might just be me, but you be the judge. The movie started off as expected as one of the Avengers did not really get any screen time to see what his fate was. Next thing you know Captain Marvel appears and teams up with a few of the Avengers and suddenly Thanos is dead. As Thor sliced his arm and head off, which to be honest he should have done in the first place. 5 years later we start getting into the “how”. Well Doctor Strange apparently saw a rat bring back Ant-Man which is how they gave the idea of time travel. Now the whole-time travel sequences, I got to say there were a lot of parts they could have just cut out. No, we did not need to hear about Captain Americas ass so much, no we did not need to see War Machine land a spaceship safely only to see it take off seconds later. Matter of fact back tracking a bit, a lot of the scenes during the planning session were not needed either. We get it Thor is fat, we did not need the whole Fortnite scene as it played no importance. Next thing you know after we hear how time traveling works and the rules that need to be followed, except we only see them break the rules almost every time they jumped. Like wait you just said not to do that, we just supposed to forget about that? Well I didn’t. Let’s also not ignore the fact Loki pretty much screwed up someones timeline and possibly created this disrupting multiverse we now practically jumped into. Thanks for the pitiful explanation.

Thor: The plot…thickens.

Now let’s jump forward a bit to the best part of the movie which was the last 30 to 45 minutes or so. The final battle between the Avengers and Thanos. This was what I was waiting for and wanted to see more of. Let’s ignore the fact Thanos just time-jumped without using the equipment needed because you know they already broke the rules about 6 times before this. It was well done, and we were able to see all the fight! Sorry Game of Thrones had to take the shot. The way it started with 3 of some of the main Avengers (since Hulk was useless again in this movie) taking on Thanos, only to be defeated. Despite Captain America whooping some ass with Thors hammer which has been teased back in Ultron.  At least until the rest of the Avengers showed up and helped aid in battle. The joy of Spider-Man returning, Pepper Potts in her suit of armor, Valkyrie taking to the skies, Scarlet Witch looking like a bad ass. I could go on all day about this fight. At least until one of the saddest moments happened and I cried every time I seen it happen. Tony Stark sacrifices himself using the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos and his army. In which Pepper says, “You can rest now”. Since we all know that’s all he wanted to do since becoming Iron Man.

Stark: Started it…then finished it.

The movie is good don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad. Just over-hyped and over-rated. The character development was on point, and it wraps up one saga of the Avengers. I didn’t hate it at all, but I can’t ignore the fact it had some big plot holes which brought the movie down for me, and to end it with a dance was probably the worst way to end it. It would have been more impactful if it ended with Tony Starks funeral. Especially since he was the one who started this all, and probably the best character developed through out these 11 years. It was sad to see them throw away Thor’s story arc just to create a new one with another movie, time wasted on Ragnorak that’s for sure. We will never know what Hulk went through to see him in his current form, and ponder on why him and Natasha only hugged each other? What happened to the deep connection they had? Maybe I am being to harsh and accept it for what it is because I could be like very other fan and just ignore the flaws, throw some color rose glasses on and enjoy it. Thing is I did enjoy it, just not buying into the hype. What I loved the most, was Tony Stark using the same line back in the ending of Iron man 1 “I am Iron Man”.

Just Ronin around…

I know I have done more complaints about it but there is good in it. Character Development was spot on. It tied the story together well, just dragged a bit when it didn’t need too. The battle was amazingly done and could watch that scene over and over. Fat Thor was pretty good not gonna lie. IT had it’s good parts, but overall it’s the ending battle that saved this movie for me. Like I said maybe I am being to harsh but it would suck to live in a world with all the same opinions. Thanos has been defeated, in one timeline at least, now we must wait and see who the next big threat is for the future Avengers. With that being said, what is next?

With an announced sequel, it was obvious this guy would come back somehow…

There have been 3 sequels announced starting with Spider-Man which comes out this year in June and mark the end of phase 3. Phase 4 we will get more sequels and new heroes along with some TV series planned to premier on the new Disney+ streaming service coming out soon. Let’s not forget the recent Fox purchase Disney made, which means this multiverse they essentially made could bring in the X-Men. Something fans I know will be glad to see happen, and I am sure not to be alone on this when I say, let’s bring in Deadpool into this universe.


The Avengers are far from over, as a new set of heroes will rise to the occasion. Don’t expect to hear “Avengers Assemble” again anytime soon. As the next few phases will help line-up the next Avengers cast for the future. I think it’s now come down to who will lead these new group of super heroes? Only time will tell. If you read this and have not seen the movie, I advise you do. Form your own opinion, as I am not here trying to change it. You’ll enjoy, I did. I just didn’t buy into the hype is all. Doesn’t mean it was bad. Until the next time nerds.