STAR WARS Major Announcements

STAR WARS Major Announcements

April 19, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

It’s been a big year for Star Wars fans across the world as some major announcements have been made over the past 2 months ranging from streaming services, TV series in both animation and live action, games, and of course, movies. It’s safe to say Star Wars celebration was very enjoyable for fans who attended, and those who could not attend this year may get a chance next year, as it returns to Anaheim in 2020. Let’s breakdown what the force has in store for us.

One of the major announcements was Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be back for a 7th season. The popular cartoon series was on the radar by fans for a new season, and they now have learned it will be brought to surface. In order to continue following the Clone Wars fans will need to subscribe to Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. The Clone Wars originally stopped after season 5, but some post-season episodes titles “The Lost Missions” kept the story going. It’s unconfirmed if this will be the final season but from the remarks made by producer Dave Filoni it could be wrapping up the beloved story many have enjoyed watching. An official trailer has been released along with official posters, the only thing that is still unknown is release date. We imagine it will be about the same time Disney+ launches into the market.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not the only series planned, as we finally got the official announcement of The Mandalorian. This will be Star Wars first ever live action TV series and fans could not be more excited. This is what we know so far regarding the story.

The Mandalorian is set to take place about 5 years after Star Wars: Return of The Jedi. Which would make it well before the events during The Force Awakens, so it’s more possible to see older characters then we will some of the newer ones. It’s also been said the story will follow a lone gunfighter who works on the Outer Galaxy’s, beyond the reaches of the New Republic. Boba and Jango Fett have been listed as characters which almost was expected since they are part of the Mandalore, and are known bounty hunters, or at least from what we think we know. It could be these men are bounty hunters, warriors, or even mercenary’s but that’s what this show will reveal for us. The release date is expected to be November 12th which would be the same launch day for Disney+. Keep in mind only the first episode of the season will be released this day, as the later episodes have not been given a release date for the time being. One thing Disney might do differently compared to companies like Netflix, is release them week by week, so fans won’t binge watch the show and have a reason to stay as a subscriber in order to complete the series. I am sure news of the following episodes will be made as the first episode gets closer to it’s release.

For almost a year maybe just a bit more rumors of a new Star Wars game have been spreading. It was finally announced with a teaser trailer of sorts. EA and Respawn have been working on this game for over a year with a full trailer released at Star Wars Celebration that everyone can now see. The game is called Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and it’s about a Jedi trying to survive through the events of Order 66. Yes, that’s right the famous order that called for the extinction of the Jedi by Palpatine. The game seems to be focused on the story with 6 writers creating it, and it has been announced by EA the game will not include multiplayer. Along with no loot boxes, no DLC, no micro-transactions and heavy on the melee combat which can be enhanced through training to help find the players favorite combination. Respawn has confirmed the game will include secrets you can unlock with force powers, exploration and solving puzzles as you learn the ways of The Jedi. Lead writer Chris Avellone is excited about this project, and with a name like that many fans are right behind it as Avellone was the writer for KOTOR 2. The director Stig Asmussen also had worked on God of War so a lot of names with big titles on their resume really give high hopes Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is the game fans have been waiting for. Announced release date is set for November 15th of this year.  

The last announcement and one we have been waiting for since Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the title for Star Wars Episode IX and a trailer to go along with it. The final episode in the Skywalker saga will be called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The film is to be released on December 20th and of course more trailers will be released as we get closer to that date. The trailer starts out with Rey in the middle of a desert, being chased down by what we assume is Kylo Rens Tie Fighter, with Kylo himself inside. After that is when you could say some excitement starts to begin. We see the Millennium Falcon flying into hyperdrive, being piloted by Chewie and an old friend in Lando. Few cuts later we see C3PO, BB-8, and a new droid we assume will be BB-8 new friend. The trailer also includes some dialogue by Luke Skywalker, and we hear him say during a potential emotional moment, “We are always with you” as we see Rey hugging Leia. Before it ends Luke also says, “No one’s ever really gone”, as after that we hear a familiar laugh by none other than the senate himself Chancellor Palpatine, or also known as Darth Sidious.

It has been rumored for some time since the release of The Force Awakens Palpatine was someone who would return into the trilogy. Fans have even linked him to appointing Snoke as the Supreme Leader. This clip alone had fans going crazy, and who can blame them? It may be the end of the saga but Sith may have one more trick up his sleeve to finally end the Jedi for good. This will be the conclusion of the Skywalker story and theories are already buzzing around of what will happen in the end. One popular theory so far is the Rise of Skywalker is a new order of force users, who may not be Jedi at all. As for myself I somewhat believe this theory especially since I do feel like Rey or Kylo will have a moment where they break away from the old Sith or Jedi label. I still think Kylo Ren will turn from the dark side since he isn’t a Sith technically speaking. Abrams has said a few times in different interviews that we will also see more of Reys story about who she is, so it could mean we finally learn she is related to Luke. There is a lot you can interpret from the trailer, but one thing is certain, we won’t know anything until the movie itself is released into theaters. A movie I will for sure be looking forward to this year.

As more Star Wars news is being announced I will be sure to inform everyone of what is to come. For now, this is what we learned from the recent Star Wars Celebration and I am sure next years celebration will have lots more in store for us. Keep your eye out Star War fans as we have only just begun this new journey.