NERD COLONY’S Video Game Roundup for 2019!

NERD COLONY’S Video Game Roundup for 2019!

April 16, 2019 0 By Neshma "Flipper" Mendez

Over the past few months we have had some major game announcements. It’s been a bit hard to keep track of what’s been announced and their release dates for some content. Why don’t I break it down for you? Let’s begin.

Borderlands 3 (Release Date – September 13th, 2019)

A popular series is finally getting a third installment. Borderlands 3 was recently announced during Gearbox’s conference at PAX East 2019 and fans ate it up. The beloved, open world, millions-of-guns FPS is back for another game along with the unique style of art that also hooked in some players into the series. For some time, it was known that a new Borderlands game was in the works, so this was more of a confirmation if anything. A couple of trailers have been released which allowed us to take a glimpse into the story, and not only that we also got to see the same style players loved about the franchise. Expect more details as the release date gets closer.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Expected Release Date – December 2019)

EA is in the works for another Star Wars game, as many fans hope this time, they get it right. This was first accidently leaked after Amazon started to promote the new T-Shirts on the marketplace. EA seems to be taking a different approach to this game, as they have hired 6 writers for the story, kind of making it look like they are story focused which isn’t always a bad thing. What we know so far it takes place during the order 66 event and falls right between Revenge of The Sith and New Hope. We also get a picture of a somewhat broken lightsaber on top of a glyph. As for anything else we can only wait and see what they reveal as we get closer to December.
Ubisoft Hints New Assassins Creed and Watchdogs 3 (Release Date: TBA)
There have been many wild speculations of Assassins Creed next location, and many thought Rome. But inside The Division 2 and some other leaked content it looks like Assassins Creed could be heading into the Vikings age. We knew Ubisoft was taking a year off from releasing Assassin Creed games, and it’s great to see Odyssey get the support it deserves after being highly successful. As for Watchdogs 3 there was no leak per say, but Kotaku’s Jason Shreier confirmed it does exist and in the works. Some speculation and hint from Shreier are this third installment will take place in London. Expect some major announcements from Ubisoft soon.

Skull and Bones (Release Date – 2019)

Sea of Thieves isn’t the only open-world pirate game out there – Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is also setting sail this year, with a much more realistic take on pirate battles on the high seas. Skull and Bones is basically Assassin’s Creed Black Flag without the Assassins, as it’s being developed by much of the same team behind Black Flag and promises a sweeping solo campaign as you vie for control over the 18th-century waters in the Indian Ocean. But the real focus looks to be player-versus-player ship skirmishes online, where each player controls their very own warship in team-based fleet battles. There will also be supernatural elements amidst all the cannon-fire, like the colossal tentacles of a terrifying kraken lurking in the deep.
Gears of War 5 (Release Date – 2019)
If you thought Gears of War 4 played it a little too safe with its torch-passing story, Gears 5 is set to remind you that the series is never one to adhere to expectations. The Coalition’s new protagonist is no longer walking dude-bro JD Phoenix, but former sidekick Kait, who decides to abandon her post as a Gear and discover her identity. Everything we’ve seen so far looks unexpectedly brilliant, but here’s hoping Gears 5 has a few more surprises up its armoured sleeve. We should get some more light shed at the E3 conference that’s right around the corner.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Release Date – TBA)

Fans had been pining for the seminal RPG Final Fantasy 7 to be remade with slick modern visuals, and at E3 2015, Square-Enix finally obliged with a glorious glimpse at Cloud Strife’s big comeback. We’ve since learned plenty about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, like the fact that it’s planned to be split up along full-game-sized episodes, and features action-heavy real-time combat in the same vein as Final Fantasy 15. We should be getting more details and a release date very soon as fans become more eager.

Metroid Prime 4 (Release Date – TBA)

You know a series is popular when a teaser showing literally nothing besides a numbered logo can garner 2 million views on YouTube. At E3 2017, Nintendo dropped a bombshell by confirming the existence of Metroid Prime 4. It was then revealed a few months later it was being delayed. We can only hope giving it back to the original trilogy developers was the right move made by Nintendo, and fans would forgive the delay. Expect some more news this year about it.
Some other Announcements:

-Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23rd, 2019
-Days Gone – April 26th, 2019
-Wolfenstein Youngblood – July 26th, 2019
-Halo Infinite – TBA
-Elder Scrolls 6 – TBA
-Starfield – TBA

There are plenty of other games out there, but these were some of the bigger trends. None the less as we move along, I will be sure to provide more updates as they become revealed. In the meantime, hopefully this helps you get caught up on the gaming news and prepare for some more entertainment. 2019 looks like it might be a good year for gamers already.