March 29, 2019 0 By Neshma "Flipper" Mendez

Captain Marvel is the last movie installment before the anticipated movie Avengers: Endgame, as it gets released a month before the final chapter in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This will be Marvel’s first female lead superhero movie, but not the first female superhero lead movie. The road has been paved with movies such as Elektra, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman among others. Some more then once, and if you really want to get nit picky you can include Brave, Mulan, Atomic Blonde, Alita: Battle Angel and much more if we really dived into it. Nonetheless here we are with Captain Marvel where it created a buzz in the industry but let’s forget all that and talk about why it just was not the movie, they made it out to be.

Marvel has made a few misses in terms of movie releases (Thor 2 anyone?), but overall have made above average profits. With Captain Marvel it barely felt average, but the problem is where do we start? Brie Larson did not put on her best performance in this movie as throughout the movie her expression and emotions always felt the same. No enthusiasm anywhere, no sign of emotion during any big event; her tone for the most part was relatively the same, and she didn’t share much of any expression. I couldn’t tell whether she was happy, sad, or didn’t care to learn of her past after not knowing for 6 years. She never showed pain or even acted like she was fighting for the most part, they could have really done a better job with the lead role. As far as the supporting roles Samuel L. Jackson was good as you probably expect, as well from Jude Law as Yon Rogg, and Clark Gregg reprising his role as Coulson. The problem here is if your lead role is the worst actor on screen, it can be a big problem.

Superheroes tend to have the same background, and usually follow along the same story. It’s not often you see a new unique plot coming along because for the most part you already seen it. I don’t know if this was the case here, or Captain Marvels story was just bland in general. It could be in part with the acting, especially when your lead role seemed to not have cared about pretty much anything, why should the audience? If your audience can’t connect with the main character, the story is going to feel boring because there is no investment. At times I could not figure out where the story was going, I also had a hard time figuring out the big plot twist where the hero comes back. The biggest reason for this was just how she acted to every staggering news. No emotion, no sadness, no anger, just bland reactions.

Aside from the bad acting, the timing of it all was just wrong. The movie took place in the 90’s as it became pretty obvious when she landed in Blockbuster, not only that we see a younger Nick Fury with both eyes. For me it became obvious and way to easy to spot out who the main villain was, especially when the “good guy” helping Captain Marvel is in talks with Ronan. Who we all know from Guardians of the Galaxy as the main villain trying to capture the Tesseract. Great way to spoil the surprise early in the movie with no build up behind it. Later we hear a line from Captain Marvel “call me when it’s an emergency”. The attack on New York wasn’t a big enough threat? What about Ultron? Not that big of a deal either? To learn Nick had her in his back pocket this whole time when she could have been useful is mind boggling and sure you could say we are nit picking here but it makes no sense. The timing of it all hurts the realm of it, and sorry Disney releasing this movie one month before the most anticipated movie of the year was just a bad move.

Overall Captain Marvel falls short and ends up being one of Marvel’s bigger disappointments. Sure, it wasn’t all that bad but when the cat Goose ends up being the more popular character in the movie you might have an issue. It’s a movie people only went to see just to learn how Captain Marvel ties into the Avengers and help defeat Thanos. If I must be honest myself, I would not be on board of her joining the star-studded cast as she will stick out like a sore thumb which could hurt the movie. If you are one of the few who saw the trailer and was not all that excited for it, your gut feeling was right. It’s not what others tried to make it out to be.