New Battle Royale Game RING OF ELYSIUM Review

New Battle Royale Game RING OF ELYSIUM Review

March 18, 2019 0 By David Flores


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to test yourself to the ultimate level, to just see how much you can take before you break, or how much you could take before you knew the end was coming and there was nothing you could do, or to see how human you really are, or where your sense of dematerialization and humanity would come and what you would do to survive when you are pitted against others and know that only one of you can walk away and the rest would not. Would you be that one to walk away?

Ring of Elysium is set in a snowy area where you battle to the death while a snowstorm closes in around you

That’s what the Battle Royale (BR) genre has brought us; the idea and gameplay is to pit us against each other till there’s only one. It harkens back to the old movie Battle Royale released in 2000 where middle school classes were chosen to fight against each other to the death as a deterrent to prevent kids from misbehaving. All the child violence aside, the objective in typical BR games is to be the last one standing against 60-100 different people all trying to reach the same goal and be the last one standing.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has helped the Battle Royale genre hit the mainstream online gaming community

But let’s face it, the market is filled with all kinds of BR genre games from the founding Arma 3 mod, to the H1Z1 craze that really brought the genre into the light, followed by one of the most played game in the world Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), to the new spin of Fortnite that has grabbed the genre by the reigns and took off and hasn’t looked back. All these games offer the same experience with different innovations in each or types of realism. So why do we need another BR experience and how could it be different? I was asking myself that same question till I hit steam and saw this gem Ring of Elysium.

You can start a game of Ring of Elysium as a climber, but there are ziplines that give you an amazing amount of maneuverability.

Ring of Elysium (ROE) is something quite different from my point of view when it comes to the BR genre. It does not offer anything in the realm of Fortnite with building assets and may seem like a not so realistic version of PUBG; it is so much more than both of those games. For starters the snow map that the game has right now is unbelievably detailed and there is no peak to high or valley to low to take out the competition. Taking place in an arctic environment is extremely fun and something different…blend in with the woods or take up a spot in a lodge and look for unsuspecting competitors coming across the frozen tundra to take out. While most BR games have a storm of some sort to close in the area in which competitors are funneled to each other, ROE literally has a snow storm that shuts down the map and funnels the players on the map to a certain point to prepare for evacuation. As the storm gets closer you can get stuck in it; you see the map change and the snowfall come down heavier and heavier as you try to escape and not get frozen to death. This to me, while subtle, the detail that was put into this storm (called Ymir named after the Norse snow storm god) is awesome and feels more real than any other closing storm from a BR game. It really brings an element of theme that makes you really feel you need to get out of it to survive.

You can also start the game with a glider, which allows you to do some short range transport, but the item takes up a portion of your backpack so it limits your pickup options.

In ROE, you have your standard character customization, choosing male or female and since the game is fairly new, there is a limited amount of different options of clothes to choose from and, I might add as of right now there are no micro-transactions for anything you can earn loot boxes from just playing and getting kills and surviving which is what I think these companies should do.

You can also jump into the game with a snowboard, which allows for great long distance downhill action, but this item also takes up backpack space resulting in limited pickup options.

Gameplay lets jump right into your standard BR game, kill or be killed, but with a twist. While you can be that crazy balls-to-the-wall killer not caring about winning and just wanting to eliminate as many other players dreams of winning, ROE offers the chance for not just one player to win but up to four. When the storm finally catches up to you in the last safe zone the area will start to freeze in about two minutes, but before that, a ray of hope comes in the form of a helicopter that is sent to rescue up to four survivors that have made it to the zone.


But what do you do when there is more that four survivors in the last zone with you and only 4 seats and a storm that is getting ready to freeze you to death in about two minutes? Well, it’s time to see what you are made of and GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!! As it gets colder and colder, time runs out, and the storm is freezing you to death the mini map will blink every few seconds to reveal where the other survivors are so you know if you got someone right next to you that you need to take out before you make a break for the safety of the helicopter. If you make to the end, the last part of the game in my opinion is the most amazing part of the experience; will you make it up the ladder to safety or will you get taken out by people that don’t care about winning and just want there resume to look good in the kills department? It is something that you need to experience; to be so close to the top and have it all taken away or to make into the “choppa” and know you made it though 59 other people to survive. Of course, like the normal standard BR genre you can do this with duos or a whole squad, so will it just be you, or you and a partner, or the whole squad that make if off the frozen tundra?

Instead of one survivor, Ring of Elysium allows for up to 4 players to win the game, thus taking the pressure off of being the last one standing.

So what else does this game offer that should peak your interest, or pull you away from your BR game of choice? It is the way you move around the map that is so satisfying. At the beginning of each game, you need to make a few choices, you will have a layout of the map and get to pick where you spawn, but not only that, you see where everyone else is also choosing. So do you hit a major city with 15 other people or do you pick something on the outskirts or in the mountains and stay away from the danger, or pick a small town with one other person and duke it out with them for supplies. The other big part about choices of where you choose to land is that you also get to pick out of three different ways to get around the map besides the vehicles you can find and drive around. Your three choices are climbing hooks, with a huge backpack that lets you carry more weight and starts you with a shotgun. Choice two is a snowboard that starts you with a pistol and medium backpack space (personally the snowboard is my favorite because I love going up the mountains and coming down them fast and even doing some tricks when you jump off ramps or sides of cliffs). The final choice is a glider that you can use to traverse the map for the air and see your opponents as you fly over them, but be careful you don’t take a full clip in the air from someone on the ground, sometimes the high ground doesn’t always win. Gunplay is very balanced, there are many different types of weapons to find all over the map that all feel, look, and sound amazing in gun fights. In addition, care packages drop in that carry that extra special loot to give you the advantage.

Ring of Elysium has a full compliment of balanced weapons.

Ring Of Elysium is a game changer in my eyes, it is fun fast paced and brings a different spin on the genre. Do you play to hunt people down or do you play to see if you can survive? ROE offers it all because sometimes some people just want to see the world burn with no one escaping the frozen tundra leaving just an empty helicopter and some want to be one of those final contestants that make it to the chopper to safety. Come join us on the tundra and survive Ymir all for the low price of free from steam! With a beautiful map, no game is the same and no rescue spot is the same. So good luck ill see you on the tundra and watch out because it’s kill or be kill and I just might get you going up the ladder to safety.