February 14, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

The Legends European Championship series (LEC) has gone through 4 weeks of play already and let’s just say it has been a very interesting 4 weeks. We have some new teams dominating, some unexpected teams making a splash, and other teams who have just seemed to start falling off the map early. I will be giving the rundown of the last 4 weeks, my pick for best player and team so far in the LEC season. I will also post the upcoming schedule for next week. The LEC has been wild to say the least, its been exciting, and most of all its been fun to watch. On that note, let’s begin.

There is a new top team in the LEC, and they certainly have been dominating every game so far leaving no questions that G2 Esports is on a mission. The only team left in the LEC to remain undefeated as well win every game without giving any opponent they face doesn’t have a chance of winning. G2 has been firing on all cylinders with no signs of slowing down and no signs of weaknesses, or at least any that have been exploited. G2 is taking the LEC and making it their won league; I don’t expect any team to stop or even slow them down in the slightest bit, as they have been performing on another level. As the split continues it will be interesting to see if they go undefeated this whole season, which I do believe they can pull off if they keep playing the way they do. At this rate not only will they see success in the Spring Split, they will continue into the Summer Split as well, and depending on how the team holds after that maybe even find themselves rolling through this years Worlds Championship Finals.

The teams right behind them is also somewhat surprising, but Schalk 04 and Team Vitality have really put in work so far this season to tie for 2nd place. If the season did end today Schalk would have the upper hand since they did win a head-to-head match in week 2. Despite that they both have had a great season so far, and if they keep playing the way they do finals will be in their eye sights. Splyce still find themselves in the hunt for now, although they need to turn things around a bit and fix those minor mistakes that snowball into losses. Along with Origen and Misfits who have found some success last year but will ultimately need to pull off some win streaks moving forward into the split. They have the team to accomplish the feat, both just have some areas they need to improve on such as closing games. They have a decent early game, followed by a good mid game, but they struggle late game which is where they start to lose it. It will be interesting to see how they move forward and are able to make the right adjustments.

SK Gaming have been in the mix of teams who are underperforming. They aren’t last just in the mist of not finding wins and losing in areas they were not expected too. As for Fnatic, the team who found themselves in the finals last year in Worlds Championship are looking like a team with no direction. Fnatic is 2nd from last place with a 2-6 record, both of those wins coming from weaker teams but still showed signs of weakness and being exploited. It really seems like Fnatic losing Caps, arguably the best mid-laner not just in the EU but in League Esports, took a huge toll on the team. They have no identity right now, no one that seems good enough to carry, and unfortunately no one able to replace the skill of Caps. From what I have been watching it’s hard to imagine Fnatic making any kind of comeback, although possible, they seem to be out of their own league right now. They must regroup, rethink their game plan, and find out what will make this team start to gel together. Nothing is working and before we know it Fnatic will be out of the picture very quickly. We can only wait and see to find out the fate of the former Worlds finalist, but from current perspective it’s not looking so good and no signs of a turnaround. At least for the Spring Split.

Best Team Performance

This is obvious with G2 Esports not only with the record, but how they win. G2 has been unstoppable in the LEC with no team coming close to slowing them down. Every game since week one has been dominate, winning in a fashion that gives the opponent no chance of any kind of lead. G2 has not fallen behind in any game, taking over objectives as if they own the rift, and ultimately have been showing no mercy. I suspect this momentum to keep going, as G2 will most likely steam roll through the entire LEC. Of course, this is League so anything is possible, and they could lose eventually, but as of now I do not see that happening anytime soon.

Best Player Performance

Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther gets my pick. The biggest reason he is a huge part for G2 success so far this season. Moving from Fnatic to G2 Esports and still making a huge impact as if the new team didn’t make any difference. Usually you might see some uneasiness from players who transfer but not in this case. Caps is merely picking up things where he left off from last year. There were many choices to pick from and I am sure to have someone new next week, but in this case, I must give it to Caps. He has been stellar and keeps on proving why he is in talks for greatest mid-laner in League right now. In every game Caps has just been dominating in lane, with no one seeming to phase him one bit. If a team wants to bring down G2, this is the guy they need to shut down early and close fast.

It’s been a great 4 weeks so far in the LEC with many games coming down to one big play. There have been some great Baron steals, great team fights, and great comebacks. It’s clear we have a first-place team already, and for those who follow have been putting on some great matches. If teams are looking to make a comeback to find themselves in the finals, week 5 would be the time to do it. Anything after might be way to late especially with how the top teams are shaping up. All eyes seem to be on Fnatic as well after a great year, last year. With the new roster and without Caps in the mid-lane it sure seems to be taking a toll. With the next few weeks should be interesting as each team will be trying to make their presence known on trying to get into the Spring Split finals.

If you have missed the action so far you can always check out YouTube or check out the games here on the league esports website. Schedule for next week will be below.

See you on the rift.        


Friday–February 15

9AM – Fnatic VS Splyce

10AM – Origen VS excel Esports

11AM – Team Vitality VS SK Gaming

12PM – Rogue VS Schalke 04

1PM – Misfits Gaming VS G2 Esports

Saturday–February 16

8AM – SK Gaming VS Fnatic

9AM – Splyce VS excel Esports

10AM – Schalke 04 VS Team Vitality

11AM – Misfits Gamin VS Rogue

12PM – G2 Esports VS Origen


G2 Esports 8W-0L

Schalke 04 6W-2L

Team Vitality 6W-2L

Splyce 5W-3L

Origen 4W-4L

Misfits Gaming 4W-4L

SK Gaming 3W-5L

excel Esports 2W-6L

Fnatic 2W-6L

Rogue 0W-8L