RESIDENT EVIL 2: Remade, Replayed, Reviewed

RESIDENT EVIL 2: Remade, Replayed, Reviewed

February 5, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr
The first Resident Evil 2 logo

It was about 20 years ago Resident Evil 2 made its way into stores for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and a few other platforms back in the late 90’s. It was a classic you could say and brought in some nice horror to the video game world. One thing I wondered the most wouldn’t a remake take away the horror factor? If you played the original you know here most the jump scares take place, you have an idea how the game-play goes, and all sense of the surprise factor is surely taken away. After playing the remake version it’s safe to say that is not the case here. The camera angles are much different, the movement is also different, and of course the new graphics makes things more visual. You will also notice some new events added to the game, and even if you played the older version not everything is the same as before.

The game is for the most part much the same where you either play as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Racoon City has been taken over by this viral outbreak that’s caused zombies and monsters to be unleashed. I was able to play as both characters, no matter which you play the location and plot are the same. The difference you will find is the supporting characters and minor challenge differences. You are trying to survive the night trying to solve puzzles and trying to fight off any creatures you may come across. The action seems to be non-stop as it felt like you were in some nightmarish scenario facing an onslaught of monsters, one after the other. You are forced to play smart as your resources are limited and every shot taken could change your chances of surviving. Depending on what level of difficulty you choose to play the auto-aim feature is a big difference maker. Playing with it on does make the game easier in terms of shooting, but with it off it feels more like a shooter and adds to the suspense factor you might start to feel as you play.

It was refreshing to see new events and locations be added. Like mentioned before, if you played the older version, you have an idea of what to expect. With that being said, there were additions made to the game, which helped bring that “new” look to the game and being some freshness to it. Along with the new monsters, the jump scares are not in the same spots anymore as I felt they become more randomized in certain areas. What you thought was a room of death waiting for you, is now a safe room, which I found to be a nice touch as you approached almost every room cautiously adding to the uncertainty. They changed the tone of the game which was almost very noticeable from the start and due to this it made the game more enjoyable. Something to point out I wasn’t a fan of the quirky jokes thrown into certain moments of the original Resident Evil 2, as to me it felt like it watered down the horror aspect of it. The early Resident Evil games had the characters try to cut some of the horror down with quirky jokes at certain moments, and the acting was not overall convincing. The remake of Resident Evil 2 changes that quite a bit with the voice acting feeling more suspenseful, the characters try and hype themselves up for what’s to come but ultimately may be nothing. It makes you start to believe danger is about to come but when nothing happens, you’re not entirely sure what will happen when the scare moment does happen. For a remake it had made enough changes where the game itself could be one of its own. Change the plot and characters you are now given a whole new Resident Evil game.

Relying on your weapon of choice was not always your best option, but it came in handy of course as well. Sometimes your best option was to barricade a door or window in order to prevent lurking zombies from barging right through, allowing you more time to search the area or even think about your next move. There also may be times where you didn’t have enough rounds to kill a zombie, but with enough placed shots you could slow it down or dissemble it allowing you to escape from certain doom. Sure they may not be the long term solution but they are meaningful tactics that could allow you more time to regroup and find some ammo or another weapon of choice.

The graver tone brought into the game really helped overall. With the new camera angle, it gives you more freedom to fell the intensity, when your walking down a hallway with just your flashlight even when you know your safe, with the distant monster sounds and rain you don’t feel safe. The impressive detail is noticeable especially during those gory moments. Able to see the flesh come off a zombie with every shot taken is an example of how much they really put into these graphics. The Tyrant change was in my opinion the best thing about the game. What once was a popup monster that would disappear at certain moments, is now a threat to be dealt with through the game especially in key moments. It was possible to escape but the added factor may force you into a room with a wave of zombies waiting for you. That would end up putting you in a very discomforting situation as you have a Tyrant lurking in the hallway and a handful of zombies right in front of you. Resident Evil 2 really relies on the fight or flight factor, especially when you only have one clip left before your run out of ammo. Sometimes taking the flight option is your best option and gives another experience you will encounter.

Not only is this remake something of the original, it’s in general a well-done horror game. It delivers in different aspects like the more serious tone, the level of detail in the characters, the suspense feeling given throughout the game. It also adds some freshness to Resident Evil 2 with new events added, along with the jump scares being moved around. The acting was better, and it gave more of that horror feeling and instead one catchy one liner, it gave psych moments to prepare what might be lurking around a corner. The Tyrant was my favorite part of the game especially when you have no idea what rooms a safe room anymore. If you played the original there is enough new things added to make it feel slightly different, and if you never played the older Resident Evil 2 game you will thoroughly enjoy this horror game. Either way it’s something any gamer can really enjoy and get themselves into.