February 5, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

What a start off to the League Championship Series (LCS) with a weekend of great games and some surprising starts! The very first game we got to witness was Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 which, safe to say, did not disappoint at all. Let’s take a dive at some of the teams who surprised, the ones who met expectations, and the ones who disappointed. I will also give my pick for the best game of the weekend, and player of the first week as well.

Team Liquid performed as well most of us expected with a strong start against Cloud9 in the very first game of the season. For most of the game Team Liquid had control of the match, only time Cloud9 looked to have any chance of winning was early game where they maintained a gold lead and winning in most lanes. Team Liquid didn’t stop there as they followed up with another win against Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), putting them at 2-0 after the first weekend of play. Cloud9 would be able to bounce back against a struggling 100 Thieves team who seem like they might need some more time before they can start gelling a new roster together. It is the first week of the LCS and 100 Thieves is probably only hoping they need sometime as a team to understand one another’s style of play.

FlyQuest had a good Week 1 winning both games and looked good doing so. With the nice start to the season this could be a good season for FlyQuest, one of the newer teams in the LCS, but they still have some ways to go before any splash is made of being a legit team this season. Clutch Gaming also brings that fierce competition back but the one thing we must look for is how they do against higher ranked teams. Despite having a nice winning streak last split going into the finals, they struggled to win against teams who held a stronger record and a stronger roster. They do get a nice start to the LCS season by going 2-0 but this coming week will really determine the type of team they really are.

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Echo Fox and Golden Guardians still have some ways to go before they find their mark in the LCS. Both teams are new and have just been created so the slow start is expected. One thing they will learn quickly it’s not always about the players you have, but how they play together. C9 and TL are good teams that prove it. Watching the matches, you could easily tell how new they are, and the players are still learning about one another. Out of both teams I expect Echo Fox to bounce back first and start moving up the ladder. If it wasn’t for them playing against each other they both would have had a 0-2 start but hopefully they can turn things around as the 2019 LCS season moves on to week 2.

Some surprise teams this first week include Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), 100 Thieves (100), Team SoloMid (TSM). CLG went 0-2 this week with one of those loses coming from Optic Gaming, who aren’t a bad team but don’t have the same experience as CLG. 100 Thieves is off to a disappointing start after a very good year in 2018 making it to Worlds and placing in the top 4. They never really seem to have gotten the start they needed to either game and will be looking to bounce back this week. Team SoloMid is off to a 1-1 start which isn’t a bad place to be, but the loss comes from Clutch Gaming. TSM has a stronger team in terms of players where it has been proven CG tends to struggle. It looks like the new roster adjustments CG made in the off-season might payoff for them and could become strong contenders moving forward this season in the LCS.

Match of the Week –

I am going with Clutch Gaming vs Team SoloMid for this week. It was a well fought match between the two and we got to see CG, at least for this week, finally get it together and bring down teams ranked above them. The match was even between the two teams as either one was letting up on their opponent. Even after a secured baron from CG midway through the game they had struggles ending it, as TSM was not about to let them take the win that easily. It wasn’t until Damonte secured a Quadrakill that really sealed the deal. CG really deserves some credit here as they were down 5-0 in kills and TSM even took an early tower lead but could not hold on to the lead as they fall off late game. Greta game between both teams and worth another watch. Lots of good games during the first week but this one stood out the most to me.

Team of the Week –

I am going with Clutch Gaming for this week after going 2-0 in week 1. A surprise to many fans and analyst who least expected CG being tied for first going into week 2. There best game was against TSM and I also feel like it was the type of game they needed to make it known they are finally moving all the right gears. They made some nice moves in the offseason buffing up the roster and introducing a new coach. With strong performances in both games they will hope to carry this momentum during week 2 match ups.

Player of the Week –

I am going with Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik from TSM. The rookie top laner who fans gave some doubt to has come out and shown how strong he is. Not only that proving that he belongs here in the LCS amongst other strong players. Broken Blade manages to control the top lane in both games, winning in CS and taking tower first which allowed him to push the lane down giving pressure. Despite not able to carry his team to victory in the second game against Clutch Gaming, he still managed to come out with a positive K/D/A going 5/3/9 after week 1. I expect him to lead TSM to great success as he gets more experience under his belt when he already gave a great performance in his very first week of LCS play.

Team Records –

Team Liquid – 2W-0L

FlyQuest – 2W-0L

Clutch Gaming – 2W-0L

TSM – 1W-1L

Cloud9 – 1W-1L

Echo Fox – 1W-1L

OpTic Gaming – 1W-1L

Counter Logic Gaming – 0W-2L

Golden Guardians – 0W-2L

100 Thieves – 0W-2L

A good week 1 to the LCS season with only lots more to go before we start diving into who will be finding themselves in the playoffs. It is week 1 so you were able to tell which teams still some work to be done in terms of playing as a team. Onward to week 2. (Schedule below)

See you on the rift summoners!

Saturday–February 2

2PM: Echo Fox VS TSM

3PM: Cloud9 VS Golden Guardians

4PM: 100 Thieves VS Team Liquid

5PM: FlyQuest VS Counter Logic Gaming

6PM: Clutch Gaming VS OpTic Gaming

Sunday–February 3

12PM: Golden Guardians VS 100 Thieves

1PM: OpTic Gaming VS Echo Fox

2PM: Team Liquid VS Clutch Gaming

3PM: TSM VS FlyQuest

4PM: Counter Logic Gaming VS Cloud9