ANTHEM – The Early Look

ANTHEM – The Early Look

February 5, 2019 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

Got a chance to take advantage of the VIP beta access for Anthem. Probably one of the most anticipated games this year, and if you got a chance to play the beta you were probably excited. Now I know it’s only beta, but I wanted to take the time to reflect on what I learned from the beta and what to expect after playing it. The actual game release is set for this month on the 22nd, so hopefully this little review helps you decide on if this game is for you or not.

From the get-go the graphics were amazing, from start to finish the game ran very smoothly and I experienced very little, if any at all, type of lag as I got to play throughout the game. In Anthem you start out by creating and customizing you Javelin (exosuit). This could take some time, as I know of 2 people who spent an hour just doing this part, as for myself spent about 30 minutes. From a quick over view of each Javelin, you could have about at least up to 20 unique customizations. You can play Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm with each fitting the style of play you want. I went with Ranger as it seemed to be somewhat the jack of all trades. Now this isn’t counting customizing weapons, component slots, support items, color, vinyl and even chipped parts if you really wanted too as well.  When it comes to color, vinyl, and look it doesn’t change your strength or anything of such. Weapons, support items, and slots make an impact on your Javelin works and how powerful it is. These items are obtainable by loot or crafting them.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty much what defines this game. It’s nice just flying around exploring the land, as it does look amazing, but you will need to keep in mind how the elements around you could put you in a rut. A Javelin on fire will disable your jetpack since it would be considered overheating. After you finish customizing your able to jump into missions easily, or just explore as a freelancer. There are multiple things to do from missions, to attacking a fortress with other players, to special events, and some of these things can be done with a group of 4 people as well. Any of which grant you XP that determine what kind of bonus you gain at the end of said goal. There are some gripes I had which included camera angles at times. Especially underwater where it’s kind of got a bit annoying of how you were able to see things, and there is no mini map that led to getting lost a few times here and there. Oh and no way points. A minor thing that wasn’t to bad but could see others getting frustrated, during combat it could get very confusing about what’s going on or where enemies are attacking from, especially when you got other freelancers trying to work there way around as well.

One issue I expected but fear could creep into the final production, server crashes. I understand it is beta, and many people who got access were excited to jump in which led to some long load times. Every now and then the server would go down, you would get kicked to the main menu and might end up waiting to join back in, hoping you can pick up where you left off. I imagine this will be an issue focused on before they release the final game, since the last thing people want to deal with is over loaded servers, crashes, and progression being lost.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I know some people out there may have been worries about a Destiny rehash or boring gameplay. Safe to say that won’t be an issue. Some minor issues that I imagine will be looked at and fixed. Graphics are amazing, the customization alone is a mission in itself; as you could end up spending more time then you think just on that. Aside from the server crashers I do think this game will be worth picking up. Anthem has the potential to be a good open world multiplayer game, where it could succed where Fallout 76 failed. It’s a very in-depth game where you will find much to do, and not get bored quickly or at all even maybe. I will be doing a full review when the game is released on February 22nd and get to dive more into the game; finding out what more there is being offered to explore.