2018: The Big Screen Top 10

2018: The Big Screen Top 10

December 30, 2018 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

We are near the end of 2018 and I think a little journey back through the box office of 2018 is indeed needed before the years end. Picking only 10 was a hard task to accomplish, as many movies this year really made a good impression. Even some from the giant streaming service Netflix. None the less lets get started.

10) Bird Box

Netflix has always struggled busting out their own hits in terms of original movies. Bird Box is one people will remember that’s for sure. Not going to lie I had some low expectations watching this one but was very impressed with it. Sandra Bullock really puts on a show and might even be one of her best roles she’s been in. Bird Box really delivers in terms of suspense and somewhat frightening. Not being able to see so you won’t commit suicide? Yea I’ll pass.  

9) Annihilation

This must be one of the better, if not best, sci-fi movies in the past few years. It is a trip, one worth watching as we see a biologist played by Natalee Portman enter “Shimmer”, or the hot-zone some have called it. In order to find out what happened to her husband. One thing to take away from this movie is people can grow and accept someone else that has shaped into something completely different.

8) Incredibles 2

The long-awaited sequel to the Incredibles and it delivered. As some of us wondered how Disney would create a story to follow one that happened years ago. We got to see Violet and Dash really grow into their superpowers, and of course the jack of all trades Jack-Jack getting some more screen time of his own. Especially when he faces off with a raccoon. It’s fun, great for the family, and one that will never be forgotten.

7) Ready Player One

For the gamer community this was a movie with lots of action, and nostalgia. Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want to play as an avatar in a virtual reality world? I know in my case that’s one the dreams for the future. The visuals were stunning, and the action was jammed pack. We got to see old video games on the big screen, and what the world could be like for years to come. Although I do have to admit, maybe we don’t want exactly everything the movie had shown us.

6) Aquaman

DC has had some struggle in the cinematic universe department, so not many had high hopes for Aquaman. To many peoples surprises it turned out to be the best DC film yet. It helps that Jason Momoa really expresses how much he loves the role. Let’s also give credit to the VFX team for the stunning visuals. Making a movie based on an underwater character was no easy task but they sure did pull it off. A good mixture of comedy and action, also probably the movie DC needed to finally get a good lift off.

5) Bumblebee

Michael Bay has really turned fans away from the Transformer series and showed us his love for explosions. Bumblebee reboots the franchise and it really kicks off to a good start. We got to see some action on Cybertron, also some good old nostalgia as the Transformers were based more off the old versions. Same goes for the sounds made when they did transform. Not only that a movie about just Bumblebee? I think most Transformer fans were excited for that alone.

4) A Quiet Place

If you thought not being able to see was bad, try not making a sound. This suspenseful movie makes you want to not talk during the movie. We see a family try to live normally by keeping things quiet, but it all starts to go south eventually. I mean can’t blame them, not making a sound is a lot easier said then done. A Quiet Place really keeps you on edge, and even strikes a little fear into you, not knowing where, if anywhere at all, is safe.

3) Spider-Man into the Spider Verse

Spider-Man is arguably the most favorite hero in the Marvel universe. With Spider-Man into the Spider Verse you won’t find a more family friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Despite it being rated PG you still get a good amount of action, along with some good comedy, and some old-school effects. The story is well driven, and overall, it’s a movie anyone can enjoy from all ages. Not only that seeing other “Spider-People” get together and fight crime, is something I think many of us wanted to see.

2) Mission Impossible – Fallout

The Mission Impossible franchise is still going strong. Well we should say Tom Cruise is still going strong. Yet another successful movie in the franchise as this one keeps the action going from start to finish. With some very unpredictable moments, and lots of twist into the story. One might lose focus of what’s going on, but you will never miss all the jam-packed action, and all the stunts Tom Cruise likes to perform. Also, the nice bit of comedy the film delivers makes it an all-around good film.

Some honorable mentions that did not make the list but were hard to leave out.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Deadpool 2
  • Marry Poppins Returns
  • Creed 2
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

1) Roma

Roma is another Netflix original and despite lacking in the movie hits department, this one really takes the cake on best movies of 2018. This is a time Netflix should look into bringing movies to the big screen, as no doubt this would have been a huge success. The black & white movie helps sets the tone for Roma. You forget the story is about Sofia, struggling to live a good life with her child in Roma, but notice how the city itself and its people are also part of the struggle. It’s a real tear jerker, with moments where you remind yourself family is what’s most important. Give credit where credit is due and that is the director Alfonso Cuarón

Thank you for reading fellow nerds. Feel free to comment your top 10, or even if you agree but not with the order. This year was a good year for movies, but I feel like 2019 has a lot more in store for us. Until next time.