NETFLIX: Christmas Lineup

NETFLIX: Christmas Lineup

December 2, 2018 0 By Robert "CodeBreaker" Cardenas Jr

December is upon us and it’s about the time the Christmas specials roll-out onto networks. The past few weeks have also been pretty busy for Netflix as aside from popular shows being cancelled, they have started to release some Christmas movies including their own.

Netflix had released a few of their very own Christmas movies, one of which I reviewed not to long ago called The Christmas Chronicles, which wasn’t spectacular but also not bad. It was right in the middle where it was just enough to make it a enjoyable Christmas movie. It’s a movie definitely worth watching at least once and who knows maybe the family might like it enough to make it a Christmas tradition.

Angelas Christmas is another Netflix original. Based on some early reviews it seems like a good family-friendly choice, as we the movie was a adaptation from a children’s book. The story follows a young girl who takes a baby Jesus doll with her from a Nativity scene. Those around her believe that she stole the doll, Angela argues that she just wanted to make sure that baby Jesus stayed warm on a cold night.

Netflix released a sequel to A Christmas Prince, called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. It has not been received well just like the original one. It got a lot of buzz due to an odd tweet made by Netflix about the movie. El Camino Christmas is the Netflix version of Die Hard, for those who see Die Hard as a Christmas movie. It’s a story of a young man who looks for his father on Christmas Eve, but somehow gets caught up in a liquor store during his search. This movie does happen to take place during Christmas so I guess it adds up to being more of a Christmas Movie.

To name a few other Netflix originals The Holiday Calendar, Christmas Inheritance, The Princess Switch, and  A Very Murray Christmas are also some other Christmas movies Netflix added to their list. Some outshining others but none the less all good to watch at least once.


As far as other Christmas movies How The Grinch Stole Christmas (live-action) has made it’s way to the streaming service. A movie many love and probably watch at least once every-time the holidays role around. Now we have the famous gifs and memes being shared on social media so it definitely has become popular over the years. It took a while for some us to realize how much in common we have to the Grinch more then we thought.


Bad Santa 1 and 2 are also some good comedy Christmas movies to watch this year. Both equally funny, and good entertainment but also not suitable for everyone so may not be the most family-friendly movie to watch with the kids. White Christmas which you could say is a classic is also on the streaming service. If you have not seen White Christmas I suggest you do, as it has become one of the most popular Christmas movies out there to the point where some families watch it once every year. It’s a good movie with lots of humor, romance and some musical numbers that everyone can enjoy during the holidays.

Admit it, Santa Paws is what you’ve been missing.

The set of Mickey Christmas movies, Santa Paws 1 and 2, and Santa Buddies are just a few movies on Netflix that kids will surely enjoy through the holidays. No worries of not having children movies there are plenty.


I would go through them all but these are some of the more trending movies right now, but there are plenty more on Netflix so I am sure you will be able to find the ones suitable for you and the family as well.


Grab a blanket, make some hot cocoa, and enjoy the season that is always giving.


Source: Daily Dot