October 26, 2018 0 By Ivan "Sawbones" Ramos


“TITANS GO!” When you hear that catch phrase you think of the animated show “Teen Titans” (2003-2006) by Glen Murakami, Bob Haney, and David Slack; (not “Teen Titans Go!”).

But I’m not here to take you to memory lane. I’m here to talk about the new non-PG (TV-MA) show “Titans” from the new DC Universe streaming service. Remember, spoiler warning ahead for those who want to watch it instead of reading about it and come reading this.


You have been warned.

For those are barely getting into DC Comics and Teen Titans. (which I like to call late DC bloomers), let me give you a quick history of the Teen Titans; keep in mind that the comics and Titans will be different from each media. The Teen Titans first appearance was in 1964 The Brave And The Bold #54 by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. Theoretically, you could say that DC wanted to make a junior version of the Justice League, which was strange since the Justice League was catered for kids to look up to. The team, which consisted of Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Aqualad (Yes, Aquaman had a sidekick named Garth) pretty much did the same thing as their older counterparts, but obviously showcased the sidekicks. They weren’t actually called Teen Titans until 1965 in The Brave And The Bold #60 in which they added a new member to the team, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s youngest sister).


I know what you’re all thinking; “Wait a minute Sawbones, those aren’t the original Teen Titans?”


Yes, these were the original Titans. The Titan group that everyone is familiar with wouldn’t come until 1980 in a new 25-page comic called The New Teen Titans #1 By Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Dick Giordano, Romeo Tanghal, and Mike DeCarlo. Aqualad was removed and they added four new members: Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and StarFire. Now there were seven members in the team.

Fast forward to today. Most of us are familiar with Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO! The comics have been pretty flexible in its cast and now we have a live action version.


Now the spoilers begin. This is Titans; episode one starts off with Raven in dream about the circus about the night of Dick’s parents falling to their death while performing trapeze without a safety net (wouldn’t that mean his parents were putting him in danger since they were performing without a net?) Then again Batman did take him to fight crime with him, so after witnessing Robin’s parent’s death, Raven wakes up screaming from the dream in her room. A little continuity errors, but the dream connects Raven to Robin, which is really the point here.


Here’s where things split between the comics and the show. Raven is just barely learning her powers and can’t control it, however in the comic book, it’s clear she’s very confident in her powers. In the show, she portrays herself as nothing but a generic emo teenage that came out of a Hot Topic store, but the more I think about it,  she looks like she was made to advertise for Hot Topic emo teenagers. Nevertheless, she’s afraid of her powers; she’s locked in her in room every night cause the mom’s afraid the child will go, Dark Raven while she’s sleeping…talk about extreme sleeping walking. So fast forward to another day after school where you guessed it, she is being the bullied, she’s played as the loner and all that emo cliche.

Raven, the emo chick.

It also seems that she was born on Earth instead of Azarath. Her mom happens to be really religious as well, knowing that Raven is a half human and half demon. So after she arrives home from school she finds her mom held at gunpoint by a mysterious bald man who knows who Raven is and is aware of her powers. Our bald gunman kills Raven’s mom in front her causing her to unleash her power and knock out the bald gunman, giving her the chance to escape to Detroit, Michigan to find The boy wonder who’s working as a detective for the DCPD; (Detroit City Michigan Police Department) or should say the “man wonder”.


Which brings us to Robin, he’s working as a detective in Detroit, where we see him staking out a child abuser who was founded not guilty, due to “lack of evidence.” but knowing Robin, he knows that the child abuser had something to do with “lack of evidence”. So he dawns the cape once again after a year of not being Robin, which indicates that he stopped wearing cape and mask at some point in his life, and now returning to it. This leads him interrupting a drug deal between the child abuser and some gang members, which gives us awesome beat down between Robin and his victims, ending with Robin dropping the F-bomb about Batman.

So let’s move away from the two bird wonders and take a look at Starfire, she’s a bit interesting with a pinch of mystery. We’re shown Starfire waking up in a car crash with some dead guy in the driver seat, outside of Vienna, Austria, where she’s dazed and confused about how she ended up in a car crash. Turns out that they were being chased as we see gunshots in the car door; she tries to remember what happened before the car crashed. Suddenly, a black van comes to her way with Austrian hitmen in the van, trying to kill off Starfire. This leads to a short chase in the woods where she manages to escape and retreats to a gas station, looking through her wallet and finding a key with a keychain of a cartoon frog (an Easter Egg to the WB?) and finding her American passport, which unfortunately for Starfire she can’t remember who she is. She also finds a hotel key which might help her to find out what happened. So she heads to the Hotel where she supposedly lives, only to find some guy tied up and gagged in a closet. Starfire starts to interrogating him, for answers about who she is and what happened to her. As this person tells her bits and pieces of what happened to her. As he tells her where what happened, he escapes his bonds and tries to kill Starfire, but little does he know and unfortunate for him. He ends up being punched by Starfire, fracturing his rib cage severely sending him across the room. As she makes her way to him, she makes a deal with him. That she’ll help him if he tells her who sent the hit order on her. So he gives in and tells her that she’ll find the guy who ordered the hit on her in a nightclub which turns out he owns the club. But not until she lies and snaps his neck and makes her way to the nightclub.


After witnessing Raven’s mother murder in front of her and an awesome beat down with the drug dealers, and the child abuser by Robin. Raven arrives in Detroit the very next day, thinking she’s going to be kidnaped by a homeless worker, she ends up picking up a then throwing it at a squad car. Leading her being arrested and being questioned by Robin, which she tells him that she knows what happened to his parents at the circus. Which surprises Robin, from a teenager that he just barely met and knows the dramatic moment of his childhood, and hearing that her mother was murdered by a bald gunman. Robin steps out for a moment and investigates about her mother. And while Robin is doing his thing for a few minutes before he goes back and questions Raven some more, she is being transferred to another department by a cop which turns out to be a phony. Who’s working for the bald gunman and knocking out Raven out cold as he takes her away. But Robin heads back to the interrogation room where he last saw Raven but realizes that she’s been kidnaped. He tries to rescue her before it’s too late, which unfortunately he was too late. But not before he calls in for the number of the squad car to track it down.


Cut back to Starfire arriving at the nightclub where the tied up hitman told her about the club owner who ordered the hit on Starfire, hoping to find answers from him. As she makes her way to the office of the club owner, she is met by the owner with the same guys who were trying to kill her outside of Vienna, Austria. But this Austrian nightclub owner is not very happy with Starfire, as he pours out his feelings for her and told her that she loved her. Revealing that she was the owner’s girlfriend,  showing her a picture of a girl and mentions Starfire turning on him just to find that girl. But Starfire didn’t love him the nightclub owner, which must’ve hurt for the poor club owner, he decides to kill Starfire, setting off a bullet time moment. As the camera follows the bullet in slow motion, it reaches Starfire, once the bullet hits her, it disintegrates before hitting her skin, which triggers her powers. Her hair becomes orange, her eyes glowing bright green, and then she torches the whole office. Engulfing everything in the office like hellfire, leaving the owner and the two hitmen burnt to ashes. Once everything settles in the office and the fires die down, Starfire reveals the picture of the girl, which turns out to be Raven.


Back to Robin, where he tracked down the police car where the phony cop took Raven to an abandoned apartment, where the bald gunman plans to kill Raven in a ritual way to prevent the end of the world. But before he can move on to the ritual, Robin finds them; he’s not wearing the costume and making his presence known. Before the bald gunman kills Raven, he hides behind the door to kill Robin once he enters the room where they’re at. Dark Raven emerges and locks the door in front Robin and she kills the bald gunman out of anger for the death of her mother and avenging her mother. Once she snaps out of being Dark Raven, Robin manages to open the door and finds the bald gunman dead as he makes his way to Raven, she tells him to help her, which he does by taking her somewhere safe in his classic Porsche that was given to him by his adopted father, Bruce Wayne.

Which brings us to the last minute mark, where it cuts to Visions Electronics (no it’s not Vision from Marvel) in Covington Ohio, where a lazy security guard is playing video games and hears noises of a tiger at the gaming section. He finds a bunch of game cases scattered all over the floor and flows the noise, and finds a green tiger deciding which game to take (you already know who I’m talking about). Until the guard pops off some shots at our green gaming tiger and leaves the store with a few games in its mouth and unharmed. As it runs fast as it can into the woods, it’s revealed that the tiger is transforming into Beast Boy. Then he runs into the night with a few games in hand.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is Titans episode one. Now was it a good show? Well, in my opinion, the show started off interesting, it really got me interested in the story. There were some minor changes to the Titans, such as Robin and Starfire being the only adults in the show and Raven and Beast Boy being the only teenagers which is a bit odd. But nevertheless, the show kicked off strong, pulling me into the story and making me interested in Raven and Starfire most. Why is Starfire looking for Raven, and why was Raven targeted to be killed to prevent the end of the world? The show is doing a great job of putting my interest for these Titans, and I can’t wait to watch more of this and talk more it.

Riddler me this everyone, will the Nerd Colony watch more episodes of Titans? Will Titans be a great original hit show for DC Universe or crash and burn like the Suicide Squad movie?
Be sure to tune in next time…..Same nerd time, same nerd channel.