DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Releases Today For Nintendo Switch!

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Releases Today For Nintendo Switch!

September 29, 2018 0 By Jay "Mouse" Vales

The fighting genre hasn’t been exactly at the forefront of gaming for a long time. It’s certainly been a niche market, catering to the hardcore and the dedicated. With recent releases of the remade Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter V, and the upcoming Soul Calibur 6, players are slowly starting to come back to their beloved 2D classic mano-y-mano brawl for all.

The release of Dragon Ball Fighter Z has definitely helped. Released on January this year on the XBox One, PS4, and PC, the game literally perfected the genre, taking its look back to the old school anime style of Akira Toriyama to a T. With 24 playable characters, a full mission mode, and online play, the fighting genre has all but come back.

Now, the veritable fighter has just been released for the Nintendo Switch! Many have asked for it, now it’s here.


Players can now take the fights to the streets.